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Pemjo takes a vaca! Jun 30, 2014

Pemjo takes a vaca!

Pemjo is going on vacation next week, please read this post for details on shipping while we're away!
Blog-stalk: When acne attacks! Jun 24, 2014

Blog-stalk: When acne attacks!

Ugh! Acne’s the worst. But, there’s some good news: kicking its ass has gotten a lot more pleasant and effective thanks to the good-smellin' wonders of green beauty!
Ten things, ten photos: Caru Skincare! Jun 22, 2014

Ten things, ten photos: Caru Skincare!

I've been visiting Pemjo's makers and this week's visit was with Caru. Check out the beautiful studio in Astoria, NYC where some of your favorite soaps and serums are made.